Chapter 1:
The Beginning – Founded on sweat and grit

Joseph R. Zappa, Jr., founder of JOSEPH Construction Company, Inc., was born and grew up in Pittsburg, PA. On the football field, Joe learned that, despite being the smallest guy on his 5A football defensive line, what gets the job done is hard work and determination. When not on the football field, Joe worked as a carpenter, where he realized his passion for construction.

Being from Pittsburgh, PA, the steel capital of the world, finding great joy in carpentry and all that grit and determination developed in sports, it is no surprise that Joe, starting off with  only a $5,000.00 investment, would build a company that has now constructed over three million square feet of commercial metal buildings, winning the Butler Metal Building Builder of the Year award four times in the Southern United States region.

After earning his engineering degree, Joe went to work for ALCOA Inc., which eventually led him to Blount County, Tennessee. It was there that Joe decided to follow his dream to be a general contractor. He partnered with Joe Holdridge, who needed help running his flooring company. During the partnership, Holdridge was inspired by Joe’s enthusiasm and supported his efforts to pursue general contracting. After a couple years, Joe went out on his own. JOSEPH Construction Company Inc. was smaller than most of the other builders around, but that did not deter them from going after big jobs. They quickly built a reputation for delivering what they promise, a reputation the company prides itself on maintaining.

The one key ingredient along the way, according to Joe, is integrity.

Our word is our bond. If we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Chapter 2:
The Next Generation – Moving forward

Joe has also been able to surround himself with great people. He has a keen ability to find people he can trust and has been able to instill in them the same core values that has led to his success. When times were tough he made sure his people got paid, even when that meant going without himself.  Many of JOSEPH’s superintendents have been with the company more than 30 years, and many of their first choice vendors and subcontractors have been working with them since the beginning. Joe, now retired, has his two sons working in the company and has put together a leadership team he believes will carry JOSEPH Construction for the next 44 years, continuing the legacy to settle for nothing less than the best.

To be continued…