Decisions made before ground breaks have the biggest impact on your project.  We make sure your project starts off on the right foot. By partnering with Owners and Architects during design, JOSEPH can help identify specific project needs and provide accurate budget and schedule information.  This means you get early assurances that your project will be built within your budget, in your required time-frame. Pre-construction Services typically encompass four primary areas:

  1. Conceptual Estimating – Working from preliminary program data and schematics, an initial estimate is established.  It is continually refined and expanded in detail as the design process proceeds.  The ultimate result of this activity is the Guaranteed Maximum Price.
  2. Value Engineering – Numerous alternatives are investigated and evaluated for their impact on your project’s design, cost and schedule. Our goal is to obtain the optimum materials and systems for your facilities at costs which work within your budget.
  3. Constructability Analysis – We collaborate with Architects and Engineers to make sure your space can be built with the greatest possible efficiency of speed, economy and quality.
  4. Schedule – JOSEPH will assist with scheduling for pre-construction as well as construction activities. Developed by the entire project team, the schedule clearly defines Owner, Architect and Contractor responsibilities to insure the timely start-up, phasing, and completion of your building.

Bringing in a General Contractor to help with design will give you the best opportunities to reduce costs and time to build.