Owners Guide to the Design and Construction Process – part 1

Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting our complete “Owners Guide to the Design and Construction Process”. We hope you enjoy the information.


You need a new building. You need to move in by a certain date. You want the best design talent and highest quality of construction your money can buy. And you have a construction budget that won’t stretch.

You have a problem.

By selecting the best approach, you can give yourself and your company the best opportunity to achieve a satisfactory solution to this problem of obtaining a high quality structure that functions as intended, delivered on time and within your budget. The purpose of this Owner’s guide is to provide information about various techniques for managing the design and construction of commercial and industrial projects.

The advantages and disadvantages of four basic methods will be explored. When finished, the reader should feel equipped to select the method most appropriate to the situation.

Obviously, selection of the approach that is most likely to achieve the desired results is the first—and most important—decision to be made.
During our 40 plus years of experience, we have responded to numerous questions from Owners. Some of these Owners have been individual business people building for the first time. Others have been the representatives of large corporations with repetitive needs for new construction. All have had in common the desire to avoid the headaches, heartaches, and stomachaches seemingly inherent in the building process.

JOSEPH Construction Company, Inc. has completed hundreds of projects. Customer satisfaction is very important at JOSEPH Construction Company. This satisfaction has resulted in many of these projects being done for repeat customers. Over seventy-five percent of JOSEPH’s business is repeat business. Our customers trust us.

Building a new facility ought to be an exciting, rewarding, and pleasurable thing to do. We hope that by sharing the answers to some of the questions that come up most often over the years, and by sharing the solutions we and “our” owners have worked out together, we can help make it that way for you.