JOSEPH Reconstruction Division is wrapping up a custom Riverside home in Knoxville

Almost 9 months ago, a small fire started in the crawl space due to a malfunctioning exhaust fan. The fire quickly spread across the basement area into the finished areas of the house and burned through the ceiling into the above floor which caused heavy smoke and fire damage to the condo unit. Smoke soon engulfed all floors of the residence. Once the fire department was on the scene, they quickly and professionally extinguished the flames.

After the fire was extinguished, JOSEPH ReConstruction Project Manager, Nick Nickles, was first on the scene to assist with the board up and securing of the damaged condo. Nick proceeded to start formulating a plan how to restore the home’s heavily damaged interior and exterior to meet the client’s expectations.

The pictures below tell the story of the intense water and soot damage. Nick worked with the homeowner, insurance adjuster, and local agent to coordinate all aspects of the repair including a cost estimate, scheduling and meeting the subdivision’s residential codes and regulations.

The damage to the exterior, mostly confined to the rear of the residence, was very noticeable from the water and Northshore Drive and dangerous to the workers and neighbors. Boarding up the building was the first priority for safety and to secure the property from vandalism and theft.

It was not as noticeable from the drive area outside, but once we were inside the damage to the sheetrock walls and the first floor joists was apparent. The majority of the home’s contents were completely destroyed or damaged beyond repair in the basement and first floor areas. All the flooring, walls, doors, cabinets, light fixtures and ceilings were to be replaced in the basement.

The upstairs finished surfaces were also destroyed by the intensity of the dense smoke damage paired with the immense volume of water. Unfortunately, the condo’s entire interior was a total loss. On the main floor, custom cabinets and counter tops, appliances, ceilings, all flooring, paint, wall coverings, and wall insulation had to be replaced.

These pictures taken during the process will give you a sense of the total dedication and professionalism of our ReConstruction team at JOSEPH. The transformation of this devastating event and tremendous personal loss, into a new, safe, and rejuvenated residence for the home owners is what drives our team. The cost of the our project was about a half a million dollars and took most of the present year. We are happy to report that this restoration is 99% complete, and we hope the family will enjoy their new home in the upcoming Holidays.