Safe Skies – Not So “Safe” Timeline

One door closes, another door opens. That must be how Safe Skies feels with their new facility, but probably not how they felt when they realized they were losing their lease due to the landing, no pun intended, of a new industry who needed their space located next to the McGhee-Tyson Airport. Fortunately, we had a perfect 9,000 SF shell building in one of our business parks, Base Pointe, just waitingbase-point-plane for them a couple miles from the Airport. We began working with Safe Skies in March, and with a move out date at the end of August and a start date in April we were confident we would have the building ready for them. But, as is typical of construction projects, we ran into a few speed bumps along the way.

Safe Skies depends on federal grants to do what they do and funding for the project didn’t arrive until June, plus their move in date moved forward by six days, so our 21-week project became a 10-week project. Fortunately, we had our dream team of subcontractors and vendors in place, and our well-seasoned project manager at the helm. Being in construction for 44 years and staying close to Joseph’s roots, we know who we can depend on to get the job done.

Your calm demeanor was essential for managing this project. You were always a rock during difficult moments, and you steered us through challenging obstacles that were bound to arise on such a tight buildout timeline. – Jennifer Roberts, Safe Skies Sr. VP and CFO

In the first week, we had all the under slab plumbing and electrical complete and the slab poured, followed on the weekend by all the framing and one side of sheet-rock. Because of the nature of the work Safe Skies does in conjunction with airports all across the country, the IT and security requirements were very stringent and took an extra level of planning and attention to detail. Shortly thereafter, a faulty waterline, installed during the original construction nine years ago, was discovered. We had to run a new line under the parking lot, but knocked it out in a couple of days.

Attention to detail is, a lot of times, what sets us apart, and striving to be the best means we pay extra attention. Our project manager noticed the ceiling tiles were slightly off center in the hallways. They had been installed correctly, as per the design, but just threw off the aesthetic balance enough that we decided it would all have to come down and be reinstalled. This delayed the carpet installation and we lost about a week due to this, but the owner and tenant were very happy with the attention to detail, and we still completed the job on time.

Thank you again for all your hard work on this project.  I particularly appreciate that you went above and beyond to fix the ceiling tiles.  Overall, the project went very well, and that is very appreciated. – Leah Flynn – Property Owner

At Joseph we love what we do, it’s why we do it. We are building now and are always ready for the next project. We’d like it to be with you. As a full service Design/Build Construction Company, Joseph can take your vision and make it your reality – from pre-design through turning over the keys and beyond. Let us know what Joseph can build for you.