Disaster Cleaning & Restoration Project for Local Church

On May 6, 2014, fire engulfed the church located at 4012 Oakland Dr. Knoxville, TN 37918, destroying everything within the building, and leaving nothing but smoked remains. Willie Wilson, the trustee of facilities for the church, approached the adjuster and asked him who he would contact to handle such a loss, the adjuster told him that he had worked with Tim UpChurch of JOSPEH Construction in the past, and that JOSEPH has handled many church fires successfully.

Mr. Wilson contacted Tim, and after their conversation Tim was certain that he would need to bring in JOSEPH’s cleaning division DCR to help with the extensive water damage and fire clean up that would be required. Robert and Tim quickly devised a strategy to minimize the damage and to expedite the cleanup and demolition process. Within hours DCR was on the scene mitigating the loss and preventing any further damage to the property. Tim contacted an electrician to have power restored to the facility to power the equipment for DCR to perform emergency services.

The church pews and other items were not salvageable, so DCR contacted a local company and placed an order to replace all off the items. That way when the church was repaired there would be no waiting period for the church to be occupied. The church was dried in just a few days. DCR started on the demolition process, of taking down sheetrock, paneling, carpet, and insulation. DCR had the interior of the building dry ice blasted to remove the smoke damage that was left on the remainder of the structure. The building is now ready for JOSEPH CONSTRUCTION to do the repairs.


before demolition 1

Sanctuary before demolition

after demolition 1

Sanctuary after demolition and dry ice blasting was complete.


before demolition 2

Sanctuary before demolition alternate view

after demolition 2

Sanctuary alternate view after pew, carpet, drywall removal and dry ice blasting.


before demolition 3

Fellowship Hall before demo

after demolition 3

Fellowship hall after demo and dry ice blasting.