Mount Vista Village Opens – first “Green Houses” in Tennessee

Jefferson County celebrate the opening of the new “Green House” nursing
home, an expansion of the Jefferson County Nursing Home.  Dr. Bill Thomas,
Founder of the The Eden Alternative and The Green House Concept, and
representatives from Jefferson County were on hand for the dedication.

JOSEPH Construction was pleased to build this new concept in nursing homes
and the first “Green House” facility in Tennessee.  The primary purpose of
a Green House® is to serve as a place where elders can receive assistance
and support with activities of daily living and clinical care, without the
assistance and care becoming the focus of their existence.  Elders’ rooms
receive high levels of sunlight and are situated around the hearth, an open
kitchen and dining area. While adhering to all codes required by
regulations, Green House® homes look and feel like a home, and contain few
medical signposts.

Each elder enjoys a private room or unit with a private bath which they
decorate with their own belongings. There is easy access to all areas of
the house including the kitchen and laundry, outdoor garden and patio.
Safety features are built into the house to minimize injury.  Each house is
surrounded by beautifully landscaped, garden-like setting to further
promote a home-like environment.

JOSEPH is also assisting with estimates for renovating the existing