80 Years

80 years and you are just as strong as you were when you were created.

80 years you protected and served 100’s of millions of people.

80 years and you never took a day off.Big Dam Party, Restoration, Joseph Construction

80 years powering our region.

80 years and still going.


We are honored to be a part of the Norris Dam Restoration Project. From TVA’s discovery of a 40-year-old mural, to updating safety concerns and making aesthetic improvements, this project has been exciting! People will now be able to tour the Power House and get a glimpse of the magnificent architecture and engineering that make up TVA’s first major hydroelectric project.

With our 44 years of construction experience and knack for historical preservation we were ready for the job. Being able to work inside Norris Dam required the highest level of attention to detail, the ability to communicate between all parties and knowledge that only a company with decades of construction experience could handle. Not only is this a structure holding back thousands of surface acres of water and generating up to 110 megawatts of power every day, it is also on the National Registry of Historical Places. We worked closely with TVA, subcontractors, vendors, historians and archaeologists to ensure this job was done correctly, on time, and on budget. With the Big Dam Party to celebrate the 80-year anniversary approaching on July 28th, hosting state, national and international dignitaries, failure at any level was not an option.

As with any job at Joseph Construction, we have one, and only one goal. To be the best. What else is there?

Details for The Big Dam Party at TVA official website.